Louis Vuitton Paris a French brand of the LVMH group

French luxury, through its famous bags symbols of exellence.

A few words about the most French luxury home.


Louis Vuitton today

The brand Louis Vuitton has become in 150 yearssynonym of success and prestige. Today, a lot of rappers do not hesitate to display their successes by wearing full-sized outfits Louis Vuitton: the brand has thus succeeded in penetrating universes very different from his own.

Louis Vuitton is represented in 50 countries and 322 boutiques throughout the world. Desirous of preserving the French quality of its products, and despite the counterfeiting, the brand preserves most of its workshops in France, Spain and the United States.

Louis Vuitton was a visionary who knew how to observe his time to found his mark. More than 150 years later, the Vuitton empire has retained the same mode of operation to continually develop its business while preserving its French manufacture.

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History of Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton brand is first and foremost a family history. Louis Vuitton was born in 1821 in a small commune in the Jura. Son of carpenter, he is very much at ease with the manipulation of tools. At the age of 14, Louis Vuitton decided to leave his family to join Paris: he then traveled 400 km on foot. In Paris, he worked as an apprentice with a « layetier-packer-malletier » to create travel chests. Very skilled of his hands, Louis Vuitton is confident the most notorious customers. In 1852, aged 31, he took care of the Empress Eugénie, for which he made a complete travel kit.


Two years later, Louis Vuitton founded his own company and opened its first boutique Louis VuittonParis. During his apprenticeship, the creator was able to observe the changes of his time. With the transport hubs, trips are becoming more and more popular among the wealthy. Louis Vuitton makes an observation: bulging trunks are unsuitable for stacking in transport. He then creates the malleplate, more practical. Quickly, the idea is a success. The creator moves his workshops in a city on the banks of the Seine to enjoy the river transport. A few years later, Louis Vuitton again took inspiration from travel and elsewhere to increase its activity: the opening of the Suez Canal offers the creator new customers eager for French luxury. The maharadjahs and kings of the Orient then became the best showcase for the brand.

In 1870 Georges, son of Louis, developed the label abroad. Louis Vuitton is present in London, then in New York.

This expansion introduces the major problem of Louis Vuitton: counterfeiting. To counter this scourge, the company Louis Vuitton tries several actions, in particular by creating exclusive prints, without success.

When Louis Vuitton died in 1892, his son Georges took over the family business. Helped by sadescendance, Georges constantly innovates. In 1977, the company became a multinational company, and in 1987, it merged with Moët Hennessy to create LVMH, the world leader in luxury goods.

Two years later, the brand leaves the family cocoon: it is now Bernard Arnault who is the major shareholder of the group. Bernard Arnault intends to make Louis Vuitton a real empire by proposing new products. In 1997, the New York designer Marc Jacobs joined the house to create ready-to-wear lines and to invest in fashion.

Specifications and Target of Louis Vuitton

Undoubtedly, Louis Vuitton targets a clientele and anxious about its image. The brand’s prints are immediately recognizable: a Louis Vuitton bag branded with the famous LV monogram is distinguished at first glance in a leather goods.

To convey its image of luxury, Louis Vuittonnésite not to call on celebrities to represent the brand. After Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, it is the turn of Angelina Jolie to be chosen by the leatherman. Louis Vuitton’s advertising campaigns are the image of the company: ambitious. In 2008, the brand won several awards for its film inspired by the trip and translated into 13 languages.

The great strength of the Vuitton Empire lies undoubtedly in its visionary character. Indeed, if the famous beige and brown checkered canvas was created more than a century ago, the company Louis Vuitton has to diversify its creations to exert a sort of domination on the world of luxury. The house uses architects for the construction of its shops to obtain a unique architecture. In addition to luggage, and since the arrival of Marc Jacobs to the position of artistic director, Louis Vuitton has also appropriated the universe of jewelery, shoe and accessory, such as the Louis Vuitton bag which is observed daily in the Parisian streets.

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