« The Great American Dream Drop »Fashion and music -political messages in which Katy denounces the consumer society….

katy_perry_is_wearring_on_aura_tout_vu_for_her_new_music_video_chained_to_the_rythm_s katy_perry_is_wearring_on_aura_tout_vu_for_her_new_music_video_chained_to_the_rythm_l

Katy wearing on aura tout vu white dress and resign corset .Photos Capitol Records

Katy Perry dropped her new music video « Chain to the Rhythm, » featuring Skip Marley (grandson of Bob Marley), on Tuesday morning, and much like her politically charged Grammys performance, the piece alludes to today’s current political climate.


The Matthew Cullen-helmed video sees Perry entering the colorful Oblivia amusement park, where cheery park goers are enjoying rides named « The Great American Dream Drop » and « No Place Like Home. » The latter sees a couple being launched into the air over a white picket fence. While everyone in the dystopian park wears shades of pastel, Perry arrives in white — and that was no accident.



croquis_katy_perry_on_aura_tout_vu_in_chained_to_the_rhythm yassen samouilov livia stoianova

ON AURA TOUT VU sketch for Katy Perry in collaboration withe B Akerlund


Atelier ON AURA TOUT VU making off


Atelier ON AURA TOUT VU Making Off
katy_perry_wearing_on-aura-tout_vu-in-chained_to_the-rythm yassen samouilov Livia Stoianova

Atelier ON AURA TOUT VU Making Off

For her latest clip « Chained to the Rhythm », Katy Perry has requested the “Savoir Faire “of the French couture house ON AURA TOUT VU by wearing the tailor-made main look. Collaboration with Hollywood  stylist B. Akerlund.

A set composed by a pleated dress with a silver collar and a white resin bustier. This futuristic retro Pin-up look was created in the Parisian atelier of the house ON AURA TOUT VU in Palais Royal. In a perfect world named “Oblivia” The American pop singer makes us make a roller coaster in a acidulated universe that mixes 50’s and surrealism while remaining faithful to her image. ON AURA TOUT VU is proud to have contributed to this music video project and admires the talent of Katy Perry and her commitment .This music video is a vitamin explosion in the delirious color and yet it passes political messages in which it denounces the consumer society. Unveiled last week already count millions of views.


B. Akerlund allays questioning fashion…

Costume designer and self-described « fashion activist » B. Akerlund, who has worked on styling the music videos of Beyonce’s « Hold Up » and Fergie’s « M.I.L.F. $, » collaborated with Perry on the custom, futuristic looks.

She said ti « Hollywood reporter »:

Here, we chat with Akerlund about dressing Perry as « a futuristic Marilyn Monroe.

[The white ensemble] was something that was created together with a French fashion label called On Aura Tout Vu, who is represented in my showroom that I curate in L.A. Whenever I do a job, I really try to get into the character that I’m trying to portray and then I always choose a designer I think will best fit the bill.


Fashion activist » B. Akerlund and Yassen Samouilov and Livia Stoianova from ON AURA TOUT VU Photo by © Saskia Lawaks for Vogue

The other brands collaborating are:

YVY and clear boots by Rinaldy [Yunardi],Miodrag Guberinic,Christopher Bu ….