Russian Leather by MEMO

Clara and John Molloy created the Memo brand in 2007. Their motto: making a destination the starting point of a sensory epic. Russian Leather, their newborn, ventures into a land where man is rare, Russia. And to celebrate this birth, a photo exhibition of Patrick Blin « On the traces of the wolf » had settled on the walls of the Parisian boutique.

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New in the Leather Nomad collection, the Russian Leather fragrance imposes its specificity and looks. The animal face of the leather is lurking somewhere on the alert. Imagine a Russian leather, between strength and finesse, a leather gifted with an aura. The arrival of spring as a rebirth, where each bud is a conquest, each color a brilliant vision, every smell a pure and untouched world. It is this life force, this exacerbation of the elements that Memo reveals with Russian Leather. A sensory flash with Slavic accents. Clean to environments virgin of any human intervention, the audacity vegetal appears in all its splendor. The fern, which defies the tundra, inspires a fern accord, which holds a place of honor in perfume. The aromatic flora gives rise to notes of rosemary, mint, lavandin, sage and basil. The taiga and its conifers call for reminiscences of Siberian pine, cypress and cedar. Russian Leather, rich in these Russian and Far Eastern evocations, expresses the animality of the great spaces.


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History of Memo

Clara and John Molloy met in 2005. Their sensory creative journey takes shape in 2007 with Memo: an olfactory collection that now collects sixteen fragrances. This choice is guided by their history: John Molloy grew up in the invigorating Irish nature before going around the world to discover other cultures. Originally Andalusian, Clara Molloy has forged her taste for accents in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, Catalan pines and the Swiss mountains, approaching the journey as a necessary breath.

The perfume imposed for them as the possibility of a magical journey. To smell, to feel, is to accept to leave a zone marked out, to go to meet other sensations and to link them to his personal feeling. Clara first sought from the great creators of perfumery to draw a map of the tender of exceptional fragrances. By dedicating a book to the « nose » in 2006, the idea of designing his brand took shape. The meeting with Aliénor Massenet, perfumer at IFF, will be the trigger. Clara assures the artistic direction, Alienor the design of each fragrance.

Memo. 24, rue Cambon. 75001 Paris.

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