Line Art and Maison Bylaart signed an exclusive collaboration and launched EXTRAVAGANZA, a capsule collection of seven totally delusional frames for the pleasure of all those who do not want to look like anyone!

A limited series that elegant extravagantes will love a little, a lot, madly, passionately! At the origin of this extraordinary project, the Japonaise Charmant of Line Art. This ultra premium collection dedicated to women has been striving for 60 years to offer craftsmanship, true « handmade » combined with state-of-the-art technology.  With a manufacturing process very close to jewelery, its DNA is anchored in innovation, attesting to its flagship material: « Excellence Titan », a patented titanium very high-end with unique qualities: ultra light, hypoallergenic, unalterable And ultra flexible.

line art

To celebrate her 60th birthday, Maison Charmant wanted to mark the spirits by pushing the limits of creativity and offering « Good Vibes » glasses to make our everyday vibes. This is why Line Art has partnered with one of Paris’ oldest optical houses, Maison Bylaart, which has been located since 1922 in Saint-Petersburg (Paris 8th). Nicolas Peumery, a rigorous and ultra-creative optician who has succeeded in bringing to light a capsule collection unpublished and tailor-made, is at this secret address of the cinema and theater costumers. From this collaboration France-Japan was born EXTRAVAGANZA by Line Art, a limited series of seven unique models in the world.

Line art

EXTRAVAGANZA is a jewelery collection with a racy style, assertive and nicely crazy. This line is dedicated to seductresses and strong, liberated, independent women who perfectly assume the gaze of others and do not care … For the small anecdote … Lady Gaga was the inspiration of Nicolas Peumery, notably for the flagship model of the « EXTRAVAGANCE » collection. A kind of muse, beautiful, inspiring and swirling for our creator of genius. The design of these seven beauties required more than 70 hours of work to obtain luxury accessories in the rules of the craft of art: manufacturing process, materials, jewels, reliability tests … Launch of the Customization service Extravaganza opens the door to unlimited creativity. Indeed, these seven models are the beginnings of a collection that can be enriched by other creations: those of each client. The concept: an unexpected marriage between the branches Line Art jewelry and totally customizable glasses. Each woman can create her own extravagance, her personal and unique frame … A choice of frames: handmade frames for creativity, a wide choice of personalization: model, shape, lens tint, etc. Noble materials with exceptional properties (ultra light, non-allergenic, unalterable and ultra flexible ), Glasses shaped and mounted by our optician partner Bylaart.