Divinescence Vendôme

Divinescence Vendôme, the jewelery to wear everyday When we talk about jewelry, we immediately think of very loaded pieces to wear only for great occasions. Today, the jewelery market has changed and, while the large houses in the Place Vendôme continue to perpetuate their know-how in the service of very expensive models, many brands have developed to meet a new demand: jewelry More accessible and especially to wear every day.


Divinescence Vendôme is part of this new generation of brands offering rings realized in the respect of the art of the jewelery with diamonds and real stones, all in contemporary forms much easier to wear and thus to display a luxury not ostentatious. The other major revolution of the brand is that it is the first to develop exclusively on the Internet for 15 years, in order to offer products at fair prices. Without intermediaries, without shop and no stock, the jewels are on average almost 60% cheaper than in traditional jewelry. The founders, Jonathan Herbatschek, Valentine and Julien Lecêtre, have not only changed the way they distribute their jewelry, but also how to design them using all the latest 3D digital printing technologies in their workshops, based In Paris and Antwerp, achieving unrivaled precision quality of 35 microns. This technology represents the future of this field. In only three weeks, Divinescence Vendôme realizes the creation of unique jewels, tailor-made with all the traditional guarantees of e-commerce through secure payment, delivery, discount to size offered and free return.


In addition to its seasonal creations, Divinescence Paris, is the only jewelery site in the world to make it possible to make a 100% custom made jewel from a simple photo or a drawing or simply to personalize a creation of the collection By changing the main stone, its shape, the quality of the diamond, the size of the finger, the alloy of the ring, the finishing of the stone, the paving, the color of the stones, the maintenance of the stone, an engraving. For optimum results, the information is modeled in 3D.



A photo and a video of the jewel are returned within 7 days to the customer for confirmation before final realization. For its latest collection, named « Constellation n ° 26 », Divinescence Vendôme honors a patented innovation unique in the world: pinched diamonds. This process revolutionizes jewelery with simplicity, highlighting the lightness and creativity of the new collection. It allows to maintain the diamond while releasing a surface of lateral and transverse reflection much superior to any other claw thus revealing all the luminosity and the incomparable brilliance of the stone. The diamond solitaire is the most sought after ring of engagement rings, Divinescence Vendôme imagines the « Shooting Star » with two diamonds, symbolizing the couple instead of a solitary soul. The deliberately pure and fluid design made in white, yellow, pink, black or platinum gold gives the brilliance of the two stones of at least 0.20 carat per diamond. The more of the line « Shooting Star – the Shooting Star », the brand offers a real star with a certificate of ownership in the name of the beloved. Because man also has the right to jewelry, several lines have also been imagined ranging from the most classic models to purified and contemporary lines to unstoppable skulls adorned with diamonds for a more rocky and virile look.


Visit the site of Divinescence Vendôme to discover the entire collections or to order your unique piece of dream.


Text by Frédéric Blanc