ON AURA TOUT VU entrusts a worldwide lmuxury license with Georges Morand, the premium gloves specialist.

The couture house ON AURA TOUT VU entrusts a worldwide license with Georges Morand, the premium gloves specialist.


A global licensing agreement has been signed with the famous French glover Georges Morand (manufacture and distribution).

From autumn-winter 2017-2018, Georges Morand will operate the license of the line of gloves and jewelry gloves for the brand « ON AURA TOUT VU ».

The glove-maker already produced the women’s gloves collections under license for the brand Inès de la Fressange and now the couture lines of « ON AURA TOUT VU » and « Moulin Rouge by ON AURA TOUT VU » come to enrich the products offered internationally.

Gloves collection Winter 2017_2018 by on aura tout vu

International overview.


In its strategy of development the house ON AURA TOUT VU puts a lot of attention on licenses and collaborations with brands such as Swarovski Group, Caron, Moulin Rouge, but also by taking in peripheral domains to its universe, technological object, costumes and scenography for Le Grand Théâtre de Genève, Les ballets de Monte-Carlo and many others.Recognized internationally and with many collaborations in the music field, celebrities known as Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani or Nicki Minaj are dressed by the Parisian fashion label. The latest to date is the collaboration with Katy Perry for the launch of her latest single « Chained to the Rhythm ». About the « Moulin Rouge by ON AURA TOUT VU » line, a spirit of sparkling festivity, is found in the interpretation of the unique gloves symbolizing the values ​​of the most famous cabaret in the world.  The glove lines reflect respectively the particular and unusual units of the house “ON AURA TOUT VU” with the addition of metal, Swarovski crystals and the very pronounced mixture of materials that makes the brand so specific.    

About ON AURA TOUT VU:  Born of the association of three iconoclastic temperaments the house was founded in 1995, transformed in 1998 to become ON AURA TOUT VU, smile and allusion to the French expression which means that you think you have seen everything … .. A maximalist style, abounding and unusual with a provocative spirit. Yassen Samouilov, Livia Stoianova and André de Sa Pessoa are the founders of the house that bears its name « ON AURA TOUT VU” Yassen and Livia love to divert fashion and glamor. Clothes, everyday accessories, bags, glasses, jewelry…. But also mobile phones, computer mices, USB keys and other charms from our daily super active and trendy life.With sequins and rhinestones, crystal shine and marvelous materials, the spirit of the designers of “ON AURA TOUT VU « re-dress » our life.All the lines they imagine, borrow this same vein of diversion and fantasy, this desire to play with objects, light, colors, in order to always confuse the true and the false… And if it was the false that was in the truth? Said the queen, as she plunged into the mirror. Since in the wonderland, only the truth hurts beauty.

Gloves collection Winter 2017_2018 by on aura tout vu

About Georges Morand

The company Georges Morand has been producing leather gloves made by master craftsmen in the beautiful town of Saint-Junien in the Haute-Vienne for three generations, situated in the untainted countryside and heir to a long tradition born in the Middle Ages. Georges Morand discovered his passion in 1946 in the renowned glovemaking town where his company has since been thriving. The concern has remained family-owned thus assuring, with a hundred employees, the legacy of ancestral knowledge and the use of its prestigious past to innovate and develop. Along the banks of the Vienne, the historical bastion of tanneries, provide excellent quality lamb or kidskin. Georges Morand always favors the finest and most noble materials. Guarantors of patiently transmitted experience our master glove makers work with the greatest respect for tradition whilst thriving for perfection, quality and aesthetics. Making a glove requires delicate manipulation and a long series of manual operations. Machines cannot replace the dexterity of the human hand of the true artisan. Georges Morand have evolved into the magical world of fashion, their attractive range, flexibility, quality of materials and multitude of colors, make them so excitingly creative. Whether modern or classical, serious or fun, the expertly crafted gloves are elegant whilst comfortable. Great creators in the world of Haute-Couture trust Georges Morand to participate in the development of their collections. With infinite shapes and colors, gloves by Georges Morand are the height of style and luxury. In France and abroad Georges Morand represents refined designs and sensual materials. The firm is also well known for its innovation in the gloves produced for French administrations. Well established in the glove market for technical applications, combat, flying, protection and ceremonial uniforms, they are a leading reference for French and many European armies.

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Making Off the Gloves Collection:

Photographer: Frederic Monceau
Makeup: Emeline Lalande
Hair: Virginie Cermen Lola
Model: Betty Doye
Styled by Yassen Samouilov ,Livia Stoianova ,Lunar
Film directed by Gilles Maillard